Wednesday, 27 June 2012

DeployStudio rc20 not showing new Disk Image Masters

I've just taken a Master image using DeployStudio but the image doesn't appear in the list of images, nor in the /Masters/HFS/ directory on the server. Of course this has happened before so I'm merely writing this down as reference.

The reason is because it uses a directory called /Masters/.workInProgress/ to store disk images whilst they're being made. When they are complete (which is after post processing like ASR scan and gzip) they get moved into the appropriate folder, in this case /Masters/HFS/. I think something happened and it never got moved. In the terminal I simply typed:

admin$ mv /Masters/.workInProgress/OSX-10_6_6-SMALL-2012-06-27.i386.hfs.dmg ../HFS/

But replace OSX-10_6_6-SMALL-2012-06-27.i386.hfs.dmg with the name of your disk image. Tab completion is the easiest way.

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