Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Mac Pro RAID setup on 2 x 1TB drives (for HD editing)

So, I've several nice Mac Pro's which have 2 x 1TB drives. They will be used for HD video editing and storage. I always have the OS on a separate volume (160GB) so if it needs re-imaging no storage will be lost. What are my options?

  • Have first drive partitioned into two, to have OS and storage. The second is just more storage.
  • RAID 0 - stripped, for good performance and then partition this into two
I tried to do the later but when I RAIDed it in disk utility it created a volume which couldn't then be partitioned! Just read this post explaining that OS X does not support partitioned software RAID (doh) and this is what I was trying. You need RAID hardware to do it natively. There is software which does do it - Soft RAID.

As the first option isn't too bad I'll just go with that.

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