Thursday, 27 May 2010

Flash animation workshop

So I have volunteered to do an animation workshop in Flash on the 14th of June, so students can animate some still work to add to their portfolio of work and help them pass the grade.

To freshen up my knowledge, I shall undertake a personal project which will incorporate most animation techniques they will use in Flash. The best way is to undertake a project which will interest me, add to my portfolio.


  • Animated storyboard for an animation i.e:
    • Trees everywhere
    • Chesterfield college burning down/exploding
    • Towerblocks covered in plants
  • Totally new animation?
  • Johns website
  • My portfolio website
The trouble with the first three ideas is that they require time to storyboard. I could schedule this into the project though.

The trouble with Johns website is that he has not decided to go with the flash one and also it does not have adequate animation in it.

The trouble with "My portfolio website" is that it requires interactivity which I will not be focussing on in the lessons and which require a large amount of time to learn.

I am tempted to go with one of my original animations and schedule in the story-boarding to the project. These animations need it anyway. The students might also need to make storyboards, definitely a synopsis. perfect.

The schedule:

  • Finish synopsis to perfection - 1 day
  • storyboard including rough timing and explanations - 1 days
  • breakdown of what needs to be made and how - 1 day
  • making the separate models - 3 days
  • Put together and animate - 3 days
  • add music and titles - 1 day
  • finish - 1 day
All this in 11 days. I plan to finish early to allow for unforeseen things or bad planning!! That should leave 6 days of relaxation :-) But I could always refine it.

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