Thursday, 28 January 2010

Colour Profiling and Printing with Epson Stylus 7600/4000

Well, I had a guy, named John, come in and show us some paper samples and how to print on them with the colour profiles which came with them (specifically for the 7600 and 4000 printers).

So, he added the profiles to the /Library/ColorSync/Profiles folder on the Root of the Hard Drive.

Next he opened photoshop and loaded his image. Next was a little hazy, but I think he went to Edit > Assign Profile and click "Do not manage colour profile". This makes sure there is no other colour profiling going on.

For the Epson Printers, it is important to go into paper setup to setup whether you want roll or sheet before going to print. Select the printer type first, and then the paper size. For these printers it gives you several options per paper size, i.e. sheet or roll.

Next he went to Print. Under Color Management, he has "Document". And under Color Handling: he has "Photoshop Manages Colors". For the Printer Profile select the paper/printer profile you are using. In this case it is the "HARMANCrystaljetGlossRCEpson7600_1109.icm". For Rendering Intent he suggests Perceptual as it is most commonly used. And tick the "Black Point Compensation". Now you can click Print...

Under the final Print dialogue box there are several  things to note:
Print Settings:
Media Type: Premium Glossy Photo Paper (250) - Although change this to whichever suites (if it's sheet feed for the Epson 4000 then make sure it is 170 not  250, as this is too thick)
Mode: Advanced Settings - SuperFine 1440dpi - MicroWeave - Super - Hich Speed (ticked. There's hardly any difference at all between 1440 and 2880, not worth doing)

Color Management:
No Color Adjustment (so Photoshop can is not over-ridden, although it would actually be added to)

And that should be it.

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