Tuesday, 8 December 2009

MacBook Pro wireless issues after re-imaging

I guess I'm lucky to have 18 MacBook Pro's to look after as it's good to be constantly updating my knowledge with new equipment.

I've been having issues just recently after re-imaging all the MacBook Pro with windows XP using an identical MacBook Pro as a Master. The Master worked perfectly, but in hiensight, I think before taking the image, I should have run Sysprep, doh!

Anyway, after re-imaging I thought everything would be fine, little would I know, a day before their planned use I decided to test the MacBook Pros and found only 3 working on the wireless. After many many trials and tribulations, including ICT Services looking into it, James had a proper look into the settings of the wireless (although these should have been properly filled in with the College Policies over the network - which I think is the cause for all the problems). John Tuck suggested at the cmd prompt "gpupdate /force" which forces an update of policies in Windows. Still no college logo at login screen though.

Under the "advanced network settings" under "wireless networks", ChesterfieldCollege should be in the list of "Preferred networks" (had to manually add). "Network Authentication shoudl be "Open" and "Data encryption should be "WEP". Tick "The key is provided for me automatically"

Under "Authentication"  tick "Enable IEEE 802.1X, "EAP type" - "Protected EAP". Tick "Authenticate as computer....". Go to "properties", and untick "Validate server certificate". "Select Authentication Method" should be "Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2)"

The last little thing which needed doing (quite annoyingly because it doesn't really make sense?) is that I think the computer has to somehow use some wireless system before it starts doing it automatically. I just connected to ChesterfieldCollegeOpen and disconnected. Then put it back down in the list of "Preferred Networks" because it automatically puts it at the top. This somehow kick starts the wireless into working again (YAY!)

Well, I hope I use this sometime in the future, although I very much doubt it! Oh well, it was quite therapeutic to talk myself through it.

One of the things which really stumped me on this one was that it took 3 days to finally work out that the wireless in the classroom was not working properly anyway. It was like fixing something using something else which is broken!

Also, next time I'll try and use screen shots, might make things easier to explain.

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